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Chess Quote

We cannot resist the fascination of sacrifice, since a passion for
sacrifices is part of a Chessplayer’s nature
— Rudolf Spielman

CFCC Announces Spring & Summer Tornadoes

My Adventures in Atlanta!

My adventures at the USATs in Atlanta

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2013-2014 Grand Prix Results

CFCC to continue Grand Prix for 2014-2015

John Ludwig regains the CFCC Championship

14-year-old Ludwig beat defending champion Alfonso Gabbedon in the 4th round and was able to “coast in” needing only a ½-point in the last round to become Champion for the 2nd time. Ludwig with some of the other winners are shown below:

Charles Bell(L)-Under 1400, Ludwig, Trianhui Jie ($75), Camille Sibbitt ($25),

Brandon Sibbitt (Front, $25). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2014 Central Florida Chess Club Championship

John Ludwig wins the 2014 CFCC Championship

CFCC Grand Prix Concludes this Weekend

Year long race for points heads to exciting finish at the CFCC Championship

2014 Central Florida Chess Club Championship

Guzman-Storch from round two

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Central Florida Class Championships

Standings Results.

Note: Top section shows FIDE ratings with some using USCF as estimates.

USCF  Rated Results