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Chess Quote

Your body has to be in top condition. Your Chess deteriorates
as your body does. You can’t separate body from mind
— Bobby Fischer

John Ludwig wins the August Tornado and also a free EF to GP event

            After only tieing for 1st in both the May and July events, John Ludwig won the last Tornado of the 2014 Summer Tornado series that was sponsored by the CFCC and Wayne Strickland. Ludwig had to beat Andres Hernandez and Makaio Krienke in the last two rounds to finish alone at the top, winning the guaranteed $200. Besides his wins based on skill, Ludwig also had luck with him that day as he and Sofia Ferrer each won drawings for free entry fees into one of the CFCC’s major hotel events.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

August 2014 Tornado



The last 2014 Summer Tornado at UUU is August 23rd

Besides the chance to win Tornado money, some of you are still eligible to win one of two random drawings for a free emtry into a CFCC Grand Prix Hotel event scheduled during the year at the Double Tree Hilton at SeaWorld

Central Florida Chess Club, Lerman take awards at USCF Ceremony

USCF Awards banquet (21) Club recognized as Chess Club of the Year!, Lerman gets Lifetime Achievement

Larry Storch ties for First in US Open Weekend Swiss

CFCC President flexes his G/60 muscle

Paul Hargett Passes Away

Former CFCC President dies at age 89.

July 2014 CFCC Tornado @ UUU

Results of CFCC July Tornado at UUU

Three-way tie for 1st at the July Tornado at UUU

John Ludwig (L), Carlos D Hoyos & Makaio Krienke


CFCC’s July Tornado at UUU was at maximum capacity as $750 was awarded in prizes plus random free entries into future events.


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