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Chess Quotes

Nothing excites jaded Grandmasters more than a theoretical novelty

— Dominic Lawson

Results of May 2015 Tornado at UUU

Here are the results of May 2015 Tornado at UUU.

Daniel Hughes

22nd Space Coast Open Results


CFCC 2015 Summer Tornados at UUU

Three events: May 16th, July 11th, and August 22nd

CFCC 2015 Championship

Results are posted.

John Ludwig repeats as CFCC Champion

The young champion  dominated the 2015 Central Florida Chess Club championship event on Valentine’s Day Weekend winning every game. His last round game had him slowly breaking thru a closed position set up by the 2013 CFCC champion Alphonso Gabbedon forcing his opponent to resign.

Latest Grand Prix Results

2012 travers photo finish

John Ludwig shakes up the Central Florida Class Championships


John Ludwig(R) and Dalton Perrine (2nd)

Not only did the young CFCC Champion win every game, he was so convincing in his opening play that his nearest opponents were questioning how they could lose so quickly.

2015 Central Florida Class Championships

Results of 2015 Central Florida Class Championships


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